Drip Token – A Complete Guide

If you are actively involved yourself in crypto space especially in Binance Smart Chain, chances that you might have came across Drip Token. In this Article we are trying to bring you the complete info about Drip, How to Invest ? Where to Buy ? etc.,

First Let us Understand about Drip Token :

Drip Network is not a separate blockchain network, rather a token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), developed by Forex_Shark and BB. So any transaction/Contract interaction like staking/unstaking etc., with Drip token can be easily verified and tracked on the BSC.

DRIP is the only deflationary daily ROI token that pays stakers and referrers from a tax on transactions and not through inflation

With that being said, Drip Token has a maximum token supply of 2,354,600.681183 tokens meaning, no new tokens can be minted once it reaches that max supply limit

Where to Buy ?

Drip Token can be brought on either Pancakeswap or Drip.community website. While using pancake Swap website , you may need to enter the contract adress manually (0x20f663CEa80FaCE82ACDFA3aAE6862d246cE0333) and a slippage of 12% should be set for the Transaction to execute successfully, which mean whenever you buy Drip token, this should be kept in mind that you will receive 12% less tokens than what you brought.

How To Get Most out of Drip Token ?

While you can earn profit when the price of Drip Token goes up from the levels when it is brought(same goes for loss), there are is one way in which you earn from Drip ecosystem .

  1. Faucet

Drip Faucet :

Drip Faucet is a low-risk and High reward generating passive income tool available in Drip.community portal itself. In this if a some invests 1Drip (minimum amount) they are eligible for daily returns on of 1% for 365 Days (maximum payout is 365%).

To participate in the Drip Faucet one should become part of any existing team member or your should add a buddy and then only you can invest in the faucet. And also it is worth remembering that there is a 10% tax on the investment, so whatever you thought of investing, always add 10% more to that.

you can simply use 0x3dd803f9086429386d2BD88cb308Afc78DEBA336 as your buddy address while using faucet transactions

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